\"\\"\\"\"Pasar Blimbing is one of the crowdmarket located in Jalan Borobudur, Blimbing. Today, it width land is 17.323 m2, width building is 62.8 m2.  There are 1.718 merchants who do their activity on 79 stores and 481 hangars and 1.167 terraces. 

There is a big merchant organization which has potent to organize community of internal merchant. Mass transportation non machine (becak) have organize themselves for east area for about 126 persons and west area for about 90 persons. Cleanliness is supported by 18 yellow troop (kind of cleaning service) and 1 temporary wasting trash (TPS)..

            Looking on this conditionso developing plan of this market will be realized. The width that will be developed is 27.283,725 m2 with width of building is divided into 3 blocks, that are main block (3 floor with the composition 103.2 m x 60 m), back hangar block (2 floor with composition 36 m x 36 m), closed bike parking 1 floor (63 m x 7 m), mushola with width is 119 m, utility market facility (pump house, generator, and panel and safety unit) and opened parking (motorbike and car) loading and unloading and 1 TPS. By this development, capacity of the Blimbing market estimated to be 2.591 store and hangar.